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Steps To Reduce Study Pressure On Students

How hard do you think managing your study pressure is? Let me tell you not a lot! Soon there will be days when you are stress-free sitting on the couch waiting for your favorite pizza to arrive. Don’t just worry. If I tell you about myself, I do juggle hard between my work and studies too. However, I don’t panic. Instead, I ask my friends to do my classes for me and take a day or two to bring myself back to track. This works fine for me.

Believe me, every student today is finding their studies hard. You are not the only one. There will be days you just want to give up, but can you? No! So, why not look out for tips that can help you reduce the study pressure. Though these will be temporary solutions, you still get good benefits out of them. If not more, at least you can survive through that stressful phase and come out sane.

Make Your Schedule

One of my friends who were having a really stressful time with her assignment submissions and full-time employment, I recommended her to try a schedule. I knew she was working hard but I also knew she was lacking time management. For the first few days, it was hard for her to stay consistent but gradually with time, she got comfortable with it and later, the results were notable.

With time management and a proper routine, you cannot only ace your assignments but also manage your personal and professional life. Believe me or not but working with a timetable is beyond productive.

Take Enough Rest

What happens to your cellphone when you are using it continuously but not charging? It drains, right? So does your energy when you don’t take enough rest and sleep. You need to realize that your schedule is tough and if you are sleep-deprived you cannot function as well as otherwise.

This is the reason experts recommend at least seven hours of sleep a day. Why do you think you can work without breaks? To be honest, you cannot. You need to take breaks to declutter your mind and come back, better and fresher.

Practice Meditation

As a response to stress, your mind may not operate as it usually does. If you are lately experiencing restlessness, mood swings, or have trouble breathing, you need to work on yourself.

This situation is probably because of your academic stress. Would you like to know the quickest solution to this? Yes, you guessed it right. Meditation is the answer. Practicing mindfulness and trying out breathing exercises can be of great help. If you do this, bear in mind you are not very far from shrinking those academic blues.

Organize Your Notes

Unorganized notes cause panic, repeat it again. I know you will agree to this statement but might not follow this tip. Organizing notes can release a lot of your stress. If you think this tip cannot bring significant benefits, we are happy to announce it can!

A few students who came to us for academic assistance told us how they’ve misplaced their notes and now need help making their assignments. When you miss your notes, it becomes all upside down and even you have clear concepts, you have a tough time crafting your paper. Organized notes keep everything handy. You don’t have to spend hours searching for your required topic. Just a few pages turn and you are good to go.

Talk To Someone

Have a heavy heart? Talk to your friend. It might sound very cliché but communication is actually the key to everything. Whenever we have students on board who are worried about their assessments, etc. we tell them to speak out about everything that is bothering them. If you think you cannot speak in front of anyone or have a rigid personality, go for journaling.

Find your safe space and speak your heart out. When you ignore making contact with other people or avoid communicating, it multiplies your stress. This can eventually result in high depression, anxiety, and social isolation.

Take Help

Don’t you love helping your friends? You do, right? Then why don’t you consider asking for help for yourself? We believe no one should ever shy away from asking for help. If you think no one will lend you a supporting hand, you are wrong. It’s friends, family, and relationships that help us come out of a situation.

No matter how many questions regarding your paper you have in your mind, ask your teacher. If you have some hard affairs with your teacher, go to a senior or your classmate, but please do!

Get Out Of Your House

Don’t just stick at your home and clung by your study table. When under academic stress, prefer going out to let go of those academic blues or spend time with nature. If parks are your happy place, take a walk at your favorite park. If you love the serenity of sea sites, go there.

Whatever place you think can help you comfort yourself, spend some time there. Even libraries can become your happy place. Have an assessment next morning? Consider going to a library. It’s one arrow two birds. There you can calm yourself as well as learn your lesson at the same time.

Keep Snacks Handy

Munching is the best way to release the academic burden. Do you know many studies state that certain foods can help you relieve stress and are a great way to come out of anxiety? Make sure all the food you keep at your side is heavy in protein and can boost your brainpower. Nuts and berries are a good combo too.


Other than the above all, please don’t compare yourself with any other student. If someone has good grades doesn’t mean they are smarter than you. If you are struggling hard with your results, don’t lose hope. Instead, work hard. Not to surpass that position holder but to achieve your goals. Also, don’t run away from breaks. Ask your friends to do my classes for me and till then give some rest your brain.

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