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How To Check Plagiarism In Research Paper Online

While many students copy-paste someone else work on purpose, some end up doing it unintentionally. However, the world of academics is least forgiving when it comes to copying or stealing even a few words. In fact, these students end up facing penalties ranging from marks reduction, and bad grades to a straight F. Hence, to avoid these circumstances, you should try your best to keep your online work 100% original.

Now you must be wondering how it’s done – read ahead and you’ll find out! The internet is your saving grace; it gives you tons of ways to check for plagiarism. There are many online tools available that can do the job within 5 seconds! Some of these assessment tools for students are paid while the others are free. Moreover, just as you can pay to do online classes, you can also find experts on the internet who can check and edit your work. So let’s explore these options in detail to see which one works the best for your needs.

The Paid Tools:

If you study in a highly competitive environment and you have to write assignments, essays and reports every other day, you should go for paid tools. Although paid tools can seem expensive their yearly subscription rates are pretty affordable.

Moreover, if you live with roommates who are also students, you can share the fee with them and let them use the tool for their work as well! In fact, many free tools have a payment option to increase their accuracy and perks. There’s no doubt that as a student, you can get a lot out of this little investment. Here are all the paid tools for plagiarism that students have tried and loved!

Chegg Plagiarism Checker

Most of these tools are designed for writing purposes, but this one is specially meant for students. As a research student, your needs are a bit different from bloggers or other working professionals. Hence, this tool can offer you the benefits that students need in particular, such as citation and human proofreading services. It starts at almost $15 per month – not bad for students who care about perfection!


This is one of the best tools for students because it even detects plagiarism if you paraphrase the work. As a research student, you have to go through a lot of sources and you can end up paraphrasing someone else’s work. Your department is not going to like it when they find out so make sure to use Scribbr. The good part is that if you only need it for your paper, it will charge you per word instead of a yearly fee. Hence, your overall cost should be around $19.95 to $39.95 depending on your word count.

The Free Tools:

Don’t know how many times you will need to check for plagiarism? Or do you want to save your budget for other expenses as much as possible? You should try the free online tools instead – and there are tons of free assessment tools out there. The best part about the free tools is that you won’t be too disappointed if it doesn’t turn out to be good. So let’s explore the best free tools to make your document 100% original.

Dupli Checker

This is one of the most effective tools on the internet that can save your work from a bad grade. This tool does not charge you for a fancy interface, it only does the job and it does it very well. What more could you ask for from a free online tool? In fact, thanks to this basic layout, it’s pretty simple and easy to use. You can either copy-paste your work here or upload the entire document. Plus, if you register on their site, you will get up to 50 scans per day!


This detection tool has a lot of uses for students and industry professionals. Firstly, its 3-in-1 feature makes it amazing because this tool does not cost you a dime. It will not only check the originality of your work but also proofread and check your grammar and vocabulary. If you are an international student, this tool can save you from losing your grade to errors in language. Although it will not let you save results, it’s pretty accurate and works super fast! Plus, it has a premium version in case you’re willing to try more features!

The Plagiarism Experts On the Internet

Now that we have talked about online tools, let’s get to work done by humans! Did you know that there are experts on the internet who offer their plagiarism and citation services to students? These experts use tools that are not accessible to students, such as Turnitin. Plus, where their expert skills combine with the best tools, you have a guaranteed 100% paper. So let’s see how you can hire a reliable expert on the internet to check your research paper or report.

Search for Take Classes For Me

This platform can connect you with the best academic experts who can bring out the best in your work. These academic experts can not only guide you on how to write your report but also offer other services. Their r=services range from editing, proofreading and checking for plagiarism too. Furthermore, unlike other companies, Take Classes For me only assigns your work to experts and not students.

Place Your Order

Now that you know about the service, it’s time to place your order within seconds. Simply find the order form on their website and fill in your accurate details and click submit. Make your online payment which will depend on your word count and you are good to go! Finally, all you have to do is wait till the deadline you have given them and receive completely original work. That’s it!

In Conclusion:

There is no place for plagiarism in the academic world and you need to do your best to avoid it. There are 3 main ways to do this; buy a paid tool, try a free online tool or hire an expert. While only one of these 3 ways is free, hiring an expert can guarantee you a good grade for your paper. Plus, it only makes sense to invest your money in your studies instead of spending it on pizza and Netflix. In fact, many students feel they should rather hire experts for plagiarism than pay to do online classes.

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