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An Ultimate Guide For Hacking And Learning Tips

There is a lot of hype around hacking these days, after all, technology is the new big deal. Technology surrounds us wherever we go and whatever we do. One of the most important parts of technology is data – the information about everything. We enter our data and sync it with the applications we use daily in our personal lives and everywhere else. It’s not just us, companies from all possible sectors have to work with data as well. All this information is a goldmine for hackers – which is why ethical hacking is so important.

If you have been learning about hacking and wishing someone would take my classes for me, you’re in the wrong course. This blog can teach you the ABCs of hacking and explore the best learning tips! So let’s first discover what is ethical hacking and why it’s important before we get into the secrets of learning to hack! Let’s begin.

Ethical Hacking

As you must know hacking means gaining access to someone else’s system without their permission. However, ethical hacking means letting them know first before hacking them. Now you must be wondering, why would someone need to ask for permission before basically breaking into someone’s system? Well, ethical hacking has one main use – to protect systems from getting other hackers.

Wouldn’t you be safer if someone you know enters your home without permission than some stranger? This is why ethical hacking exists! Ethical hackers break into systems to find flaws in the security measures and offer better ways of protection. Unlike the usual hacking, ethical hacking is completely legal and in fact, great for organizations. Many huge companies hire ethical hackers to assess and improve the safety of their systems. In simple words, ethical hacking can recognize the weaknesses of networks and systems and help to fix them before an outsider gets a chance to exploit them.

Now that we have learned all about ethical hacking, let’s get its best learning techniques.

Enroll In an Online Course

Whether you are just learning about hacking or have a few tricks up your sleeve, a course always helps. A hacking course is an ideal place to start because it can fill any gaps in your knowledge. While you may be tempted to jump to the intermediate or advanced courses, it’s always better to start with an introductory course. This is because if you miss out on any basic concept, you will be struggling in the advanced stages.

One of the best things about online hacking courses is that a lot of them are free. However, you may want to think twice before clicking that gimmicky YouTube title that says it can make you a hacking expert within an hour. So do your research and register on a reputed platform to learn to hack.

Go For Certifications

If you have been considering getting a hacking certification, you are on the right track! Unlike the online courses, certification would require you to invest your buck. However, this investment is totally worth it as it will enhance your resume and attract employers! There are many kinds of certifications out there, look into their prospects and choose accordingly to your preference.

A safe option is to go for Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) qualification from the EC Council. This organization is pretty well-reputed and your certificate will be valued by companies. If you don’t have the time to attend in-person classes, there are many online hacking certifications too. So look into what certificates are in demand, compare the cost and make the right choice for yourself.

Pursue a Degree

If you have just finished high school and love to learn about hacking, this can be your major! Although this isn’t a common discipline many schools offer degrees that are related to hacking. For example, you can get a degree in cyber security when you pursue a master’s in science degree. Such degrees can help you learn about the theory and practical techniques in the field of hacking.

There are also other postgrad degrees such as Cyber Security Operations (Cisco) which only take months to complete. Having a degree in cyber security and a hacking-related major can help you streamline your career. Plus, you will enter the workforce within no time and gain more practical knowledge about hacking.

Learn On Your Own

If you love ethical hacking, you will need to learn programming languages. So start with gaining skills in that area by pursuing courses related to the important programming languages. There are many websites such as Codecademy, Codewars, and Free Code Camp that especially offer courses in the IT field. Moreover, you can find many amazing courses on popular learning platforms such as edX, Udemy, etc.

If you want to find a place to apply your practical knowledge, you can find many resources on the internet. For example, you can find fun and interactive lessons on Hacksplaining. Moreover, Hack Me and Enigma Group allow you to share build and share vulnerable web application codes and test your hacking skills too! Finally, if you want to simply try hacking, you can try Hack This Site.

On a Concluding Note:

As our world becomes more and more digital, our data is a source of power and vulnerability at the same time. There is a lot of controversy and hype around who can access your data. Data is pretty much as valuable as money, which is why people want to try to steal it. Hence, we need ethical hacking to strengthen security measures and make sure no imposter can manage to hack the system.

If you have a love for hacking, we suggest that you do it the ethical way and make a career out of it. There are many ways to learn hacking – through courses, degrees, and on your own. Plus, if you want to fit hacking courses into your busy schedule, you can always ask online experts to take my classes for me. These experts have enough experience in helping students from any field to make learning a piece of cake for you!

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