5 Ways To Improve Learning Physics

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5 Ways To Improve Learning Physics

Mastering physics is not a cup of tea for everyone. If you don’t like the subject there are 80 percent chances that you are not good at it. Also, it is completely okay to not excel in this subject as far as you know the basics, you are all good. If you perform much better in other disciplines, it compensates. However, this also depends upon the career you are planning to pursue.

If you are working hard to be an engineer, you will have to give more attention to this discipline. Otherwise, for students planning to pursue an arts degree, it is okay if they lack in this domain. You can always pay someone to take my classes.

Remember, no student is perfect and can ace all subjects. If you are good at something else, it doesn’t mean you have to be excellent in this too. It is absolutely okay to slow down and accept that physics is not your piece of cake. However, you must try at least.

Here are a few tips for students who are not good at physics. Try your hands on them and you will definitely upscale your learning. However, even after these if physics is giving you a tough time, it is okay to let it slip off your hands. Make sure to not hustle. Be gradual and slow with the learning. 

1. Work Hard On Basics 

You must have a strong grip over the basics. You might know that physics is just about numbers. It has a lot of theories, derivations, formulas, etc. You have to pay attention to all of them in order to make your base stronger for physics. From an early stage of your physics classes, keep your mind in track. If your teacher is introducing a new concept to you, revise at your home.

If things are unclear and you think you need more guidance on some particular topic, ask questions. Don’t shy away from reaching out to your teachers. Ask the same question again and again but clear your concepts. Unless you are one problem or topic clear, don’t jump on the second one. It is a request to please don’t mix things up! Instead, contact your mates or seniors and command basic concepts. Learn all the important basic rules and principles and see what their uses are. Once your basic concepts are clear, you will have an easy time moving to the complex. 

2. Cram the S.I Units 

Most of the students who have a hard time maintaining their grades in physics lack here. They don’t learn the S.I units and fail miserably in solving numerical. Every time students ask us for some tips to enhance their learning in physics, we ask them to cram all the S.I units.

If learning S.I units is tough for you, cramming is the only option. One student who really wanted to improve his skills in physics but was having a hard time, we recommended him to first learn S.I units and then see the impact. Now here is what he had to say:

“Hey guys, what magician are you? Upon your suggestion, I learned all the S.I units, though I had a very tough time, still, I did, and oh boy! It has created a massive significance. After having a grip on these units I realized that most of the marks I was losing in my exam were because of writing one wrong S.I unit. It was thing one mistake that was making my entire working trash. So, if anyone reading me is struggling with physics, S.I unit is your true call guys!”

3. Strengthen Your Math Skills 

Physics is nothing but an amalgam of mathematical logic. Once you master the art of mathematics, no one can stop you from becoming a physics guru. This is why you see most of the physics teachers are also math teachers because same family folks! Out of all the physical elements you see, 70 percent are from the math discipline.

During my O levels, when I was struggling hard with physics, my teacher recommended me to learn how to handle mathematical problems. Once I learned and studied all the formulas, I kid you not, physics got easy for me. Now I believe that physics is all about mind games and to excel that you must know how to tackle mathematical problems. Some basic mathematical elements that helped me best were:

  • Learning basis algebraic equations
  • Trigonometry and Geometry 
  • Force Diagrams

For all the physics problems that you are facing today, I will suggest you brush up on your math skills. I know this seems daunting but believe me, it is sometimes easier done than said and my O-level days are one of the live examples. 

4. Enhance Your Problem Solving Skills

Physics is all about tackling problems. Tell me how do you derive an equation or derivation? Do you find a solution to the problem or is it done some other way? The same way, right? Many students think a calculator is a solution to all their physics-related problems.

However, you know the reality that it is not! You yourself need to realize why you are punching some equations and what solutions they have in store for you! Therefore, better understand the problem first, realize what formula will go in, and later work hard to find a solution. However, remember, unless your concepts are crystal clear, you cannot come to this stage. So, better work on your basics first. 

5. Memorize Equations 

Once you have a solid grip over the basics and you have learned the S.I units, it won’t be tough to memorize the equations. Start with the simple ones and later turn to the complex ones. Don’t just cram, understand how they work and why they work this way. I believe this practice will make learning easier for you. 

Wrapping Up

If you need some time to focus better on your basics, don’t put your physics classes on hold for that. Instead, pay someone to take my classes. You can also ask them to guide you easily about what’s happening in the class so you can manage the basics and your current work at the same time. However, don’t rush. Give yourself time and learn all these concepts slowly and gradually. 

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