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5 Online Learning Methods For Data Science Course

The field of data science is taking a swift shift these days. A number of students are planning to pursue their careers in data science because of the solid future it can bring. If you are also planning to enroll in data science courses, bootcamps, etc., go ahead! You cannot risk your career on some futile courses that have no value in the future. For them, hire someone and pay to do online classes. From now onwards, all your focus should be on data science because multitasking with this course is not possible. If you plan to study more than one domain at the same time, you will lose track and chances are you might take a dropout as well.

So, don’t panic, take an expert’s help and focus completely on data science courses. I promise you won’t regret it. Students who get done with their data science camps, soon land amazing jobs. So don’t worry about that either. In the below part of this article, here are five data science courses that you cannot miss.

Introduction to Data Science by Metis

If you are new to this field and have no idea about what data science is and what are its applications, the introductory course by metis is a must for you. Metis offers bootcamp that helps you kickstart your data science career. The experts here will teach you core concepts, and basic machine language principles and provides first-hand experience in coding. The curriculum for the introductory course is basic and designed for beginner’s level.

After you are done with the learning, you will be required to work on a data science project of your own. In this project, experts’ will check your expertise and you will put your practice through. The project will include:

  1. Data acquisition and cleaning
  2. Data aggregation
  3. Data analysis and visualization
  4. Model creation and validation
  5. Basic statistical foundations
  6. Basis mathematical foundations
  7. Feature engineering
  8. Data Science Specialization Course From Coursera

To launch your career in data science, John Hopkins’s data science specialization course is best for you. The course is instructed by famous data science scientists and is free of cost. You can enroll yourself in this course via Coursera, which is one leading platform for online courses. No doubt the course is for beginners’ level, still, it has some prerequisites. Such as prior experience in scripting and proficiency in mathematics. The course is 11 months long and includes teachings for all tools and core details required for data science learning. The course outline for this course however is bigger than the introductory course. It includes:


Machine Learning

Regression Analysis

R Programming

Data Science



Cluster Analysis

Data Analysis

Data Manipulation and Cleansing

Regular Expression

Cluster Analysis

This course for data science has two components. You will learn how data can be turned into actionable knowledge, and get an understanding of tools, questions, and data that data analysts and scientists use to work.

Professional Certificate in Data Science by Harvard University

This is a basic data science course from the renowned Harvard University. It is so good that one of our regular customers is now a professional data analyst. He was just an average student but always wanted to pursue his future in data science. One of our experts who usually assists him suggested he should enroll in Harvard’s data science program. Today after almost one year and six months, he just completed his course and we can’t be happier.

Check what he has to share with you all about his experience:

”So, eight months after enrolling in this course, I decided to apply at different firms and therefore checked LinkedIn too. I was lucky that soon after adding, my open-to-work application, many companies approached me and I got the job within one week. The course was so good that even before completing it, I was all good at tackling real-world challenges related to data science. From core concepts to learning data visualization and using dplyr, the course helped me acquire some winning skills. Also, the course outline is excellent. It includes everything from basics to learning tricks and implementing ML algorithms. My favorite thing about data science is inference and modeling but had great marks in wrangling too. The course is expensive no doubt, but definitely worth investing.”

Machine Learning, Data Science, and Deep Learning with Python by Udemy

This course is not very expensive and is a good addition to your data science learning. The cost is $24.99 for 14 hours and is ideal for the intermediate level. This course by Udemy includes all technical topics and has more on the desk than just machine learning.

It covers topics related to Artificial intelligence, support vector machines and Clustering. This course is perfect for you if you are willing to learn data visualization technicalities using MaPlotLib and Seaborn. Most of the audience this course attracts are professional programmers, data scientists, and people planning to pursue a data science career. Like most of the above courses, this one is also free and was created by Frank Kane and the Sundog education team.

Applied Data Science with Python Specialization by University of Michigan

Last but not least, my favorite data science course that I have also enrolled myself in. If you are like me more drawn to natural language processing, then this course is your true call. It has 5 courses that emphasize data science’s applied aspects.

All five courses utilize python as their main language. Two of these five courses are for essential natural language processing learnings and later the specialization goes further with deeper details about different packages, mostly used for applications.

Wrapping Up

All these courses are experts’ suggestions and require a great deal of your time. We suggest you please focus completely on these courses and for the rest of your courses, pay to do online classes. Once you are done learning and come out as an expert data analyst, no one can stop you from landing a highly lucrative job. This is a guarantee to you from us!

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